Pulse is movement and energy, a definite change of momentum.

Pulse is not just a pretty scarf brand. Our mission is to activate people and raise awareness about being constantly sorrounded by technology.

The Pulse name comes from an electrical impulse: a surge of electricity, a flow of charged particles which start moving spontaneously after experiencing a stimuli. Pulse sets out to be this stimuli and inspire people to create a future where we come together to use technology for the greater good, to build a better future for everyone.

A brand weaving together the rich history of silk scarves with unconventional, contemporary elements.

The collection was born out of Oana Clitan's unique vision and the belief in the power of design to bring positive change. Using bold visuals applied on fashion accessories she brings her interest in the impact of technology closer to the body.

We strive to provide designs that can suit an exuberant taste or just the need for a small, original accent in an outfit. We value originality and diversity and we passionately believe in presenting products that have a positive story behind and are socially conscious. For this reason we want to reduce our environmental footprint starting with printing our scarves locally in The Netherlands and making our packaging plastic-free.

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