The collection

Pulse is a collection of conceptual silk scarves designed by Oana Clitan. Born out of her artistic exploration of the influence of technology in our everyday life and her love for ornaments and decoration, each finely printed silk scarf combines bold color palettes with intricate patterns made out of electrical cables and plugs.

Each scarf tells a unique story and combines the historical use of silk as the main textile for foulards with its daring subject matter. With colors and patterns for every taste, the Pulse scarf can be a true statement piece for any wardrobe.

The collection aims to raise awareness about the effects of always being surrounded by technology in the material and virtual sense and brings this idea in the physical world, closer to the body. The main devices themselves are missing from the scarves, visible are only the auxiliaries which help power and connect them, making them so indispensable in our lives. The scarves also act as an ode to these objects which will most probably disappear in the future and become artefacts as technology evolves.

The designer

Oana Clitan is a Romanian designer and artist currently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a professional background in graphic design which becomes more often than not intertwined with her upbringing in post-communist Romania, both driving her to playfully explore the role of technology in our lives and its relation to mass media and consumerism.

Oana works in a number of mediums, ranging from drawings and collages to websites and animations. Her work has been internationally exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions, her latest projects being the solo exhibition ‘Goodbye Expectations’ in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and group exhibitions Anthropomorphism of Media (Vancouver) and Hubbub le Scope (Rotterdam) and Permeable Boundaries (New York).

You can see more of her work on her artist website.


  • Where and how are the scarves produced?

    The scarves are designed, printed and shipped from The Netherlands.

    They are digitally printed on 100% silk (Silk Satin Limone 9 m/m) and feature a rolled hem.
  • What is the size and fabric of the scarves?

    The size of the scarves is 90 x 90 cm (35.4 x 35.4 inch).
    The fabric is Silk Satin Limone 9 m/m, 100% Silk (39 gr/m2).

    This type of silk has a satin-like structure, it is soft and has a fluid flow.
  • How do I care for my scarf?

    Your silk scarf can always look brand new with a few simple care measures.

    The scarf should be cleaned by a professional dry-cleaner; washing and soaking could damage the fabric and print. Tumble-drying is also not recommended.

    It can be ironed using a moderate temperature.

    Each scarf comes with care instructions in the package.
  • Where do you ship?

    We ship worldwide.
  • Can I pick up the scarf in person?

    If you are in Rotterdam, of course! Unfortunately we don't have a physical shop in the city yet, but send us an email at to arrange a pickup time.